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Mondays get a bad rap for a reason. For most, the beginning of the week means screaming alarms, dark under-eye circles, gnarled hair and a yearning for a couple more hours to luxuriate in deep sleep, me included. To combat nasty cases of “the Mondays,” I’ve come up with a list of hacks. Check it out below!

This concept has always stuck with me. Not only has it helped form my personal style and ultimately what I do for a living, but the idea has trickled beyond me picking out an outfit. I think it alludes to the importance of being present, having fun, feeling good about yourself, and savoring the now. After all, things are ever changing, no? – and today is always the most important."

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I recently bought a blue velvet biker jacket. I feel like a rock star every time I throw it on. What better way to start the week than feeling like a rock star? Wear something that will change your Monday attitude.

[listicle number="2" heading="you are what you eat and by that I mean breakfast"]

There is a reason why it’s called “the most important meal of the day.” My favorite “breakfast of champions” is eggs with a ton of hot sauce or some other seasoning to give it a kick. This will reduce binge-eating cravings throughout the day and, most importantly, keep your mind sharp throughout the day.

[listicle number="3" heading="dare to dream"]

Not the kind your alarm clock is rudely interrupting, sillies. I’m talking about goals. What dreams are you chasing or realizing? What are you visualizing? Do you have an inspo board and do you add to it/look at it on the reg? Yeah, going to work can suck. Midterms are no fun. But why are you going to work? What was it about your major that you love so much? Think about how another day at work or school can be a step closer to your dream.