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I was sitting in my mechanical engineering class at Stanford, when I received a mysterious message from an unknown number. It was from Shilpa, one of the co-founders of Shiffon. She explained that a friend had given her my contact info because she was looking for a product designer to design their jewelry boxes. This is the sort of creative challenge product designers die for, and, as a new-bee designer, I felt like I was not cut out for such an amazing opportunity. I took I leap, and decided to arrange a meeting with Shilpa.

Coupa Meeting 1: I walked into a quaint little coffee house off University Avenue, where I was pleased to find a glowing, ambitious young lady. Shilpa was incredibly sweet and excited, and we clicked right away. Discussing how we wanted a unique box that felt like a luxurious present. We agreed that the box should be made from eco-friendly materials, and I immediately started sketching out ideas.

I had originally thought about a reclaimed wood box, with a SHIFFON purple top. However, when researched wood products, we found that shipping restrictions made it difficult to ship wood internationally. Shilpa and I looked at other sustainable materials, and found a beautiful black aluminum. From there, I sketched designs for a sleek black box with a brass logo on top. We fell in love with this unusual box design that is edgy, techy, and very sleek.

The innovative design is now in the process of being prototyped, and I am so incredibly excited to see where this gorgeous box will take me. Shilpa, thanks for the anonymous text.