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Our Story

A 2017 study published by the journal Science found that girls as young as six years old are less likely to think members of their own gender can be brilliant, and that they are less likely than boys to pursue activities requiring that exceptional intelligence. According to the Economic Policy Institute, by the time women graduate from high school and enter college, they have already evaluated their career opportunities differently than men do. 

Our mission at Shiffon is to close that gender gap, particularly in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is about taking action and learning quickly, and we want to give women the opportunity to do that while not being afraid to take risks or fail. We are optimistic that we can begin making this change. Through our efforts, we aim to financially empower a million women across the globe by 2025.  

We built Shiffon in a way that would allow us to give back from Day 1. Inspired by a love of fine jewelry — something that women often invest in — we wanted fine jewelry to invest back in women. That's why 50% of profits from our sole product, the Duet Pinky Ring, go directly to funding female founders. We realized that we didn't need to be "successful" before we could start paying it forward. 

 In fact, sharing the mistakes we had made and creating a strong network of portfolio companies at various stages has proven beneficial in ways we didn't expect.

Though our team is spread out across the country, we're united by Shiffon's mission to create a global network of powerful women supporting each other to build the planet we want to see. We envision a world where young girls know they can follow their passions with the support of a worldwide network of strong women.

Shiffon has funded 11 companies so far through profits from our Duet Pinky Ring, and some of those companies in turn are funding new companies. Nothing makes us happier than seeing this chain reaction continue in perpetuity. 

Our core values are the essence of who we are and who we strive to be at this company. We are always trying to learn and improve, but have found that these values are our true north.

Lifelong Impact

In addition to using recycled metals, recyclable and repurposable packaging, and ethically sourced stones, we fund our own non-profit organization, The Startup Girl Foundation. As companies grow, capital from our nonprofit’s investments will be used to fund more companies, creating a sustainable source of capital for a new generation of entrepreneurs. Along with the ecosystem of mentorship and human capital supporting our network, each and every dollar invested is thus designed to have the maximum possible lifelong impact


First and foremost, we are a business that aims to be inspirational before it is aspirational. We want to lead by example by having a healthy work culture, paying it forward, and constantly being innovative and pushing boundaries.


We aspire to generate a cycle of mutual support among women and believe that individual success is group success. Success is not a ladder, but rather a spiral with those on it constantly moving upwards with the help of those around them. 
We're so excited to welcome you to our community. Wear the change!