More than just a jewelry brand, Shiffon aims to be a supportive, powerful network for women.

When we founded Shiffon, we wanted to start a fine jewelry brand that built social good into the fabric of its company. We had fantastic female role models from Day 1 and realized that Shiffon only existed and flourished because of this strong network of women who supported us. To us, giving back is the new luxury, and that’s why it’s so important for us to extend our success to other entrepreneurs who are taking brave steps to empower women, whether they do it by carving the path of female entrepreneurship themselves or integrating female empowerment into their company values and mission. This is why we founded the Startup Girl Foundation and partnered with One Young World, one of the leading nonprofits for youth. Through the startup competition we launched with One Young World, we reviewed impressive applications from 700 global entrepreneurs. We have already started mentoring several companies and are excited to be announcing our first grant recipient from the competition next month.

“Wear the change you want to see” is our motto, and in that vein, we are donating 50% of the profits from our Duet Pinky Ring collection and 10% of profits from all other sales to fund seed grants for female entrepreneurs and startups that support female empowerment. The Shiffon team was founded by undergraduates from Harvard and Stanford. Though members of our team are spread out across the country, we all strongly believe in the core mission of Shiffon – to create a global network of powerful women who help and support each other in order to build the world we want to see. We envision a world in which young girls grow up knowing that they can follow their passions with the support of a worldwide network of strong women.

Shiffon is the story of young female entrepreneurs taking a risk to turn their passion into a reality. Through our endeavors, we want to support and empower others to do the same.

We believe a strong network of mentors is the foundation of success, and we want our Duet Pinky Ring to symbolize membership in this global network.


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