Funding Women, One Pinky Ring At A Time

At Shiffon, we have big dreams. Our mission is to fuel a movement for female entrepreneurs to receive equal access to startup capital through our pinky ring— because a world in which women succeed is a world in which everyone succeeds. (The numbers don’t lie!) 50% of profits from Shiffon’s Duet Pinky Ring go towards funding female entrepreneurs, with 11 companies funded to date. 

We are young entrepreneurs who started this company as students, and it means the world to us when people believe in what we are doing and wear our pinky ring with intention. We are determined to do everything we can to pay it forward and create a chain reaction of inspiration, motivation, and entrepreneurship!

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As Seen In

"What a truly remarkable movement you've started. A quiet, powerful message in a time of so much noise. That is what resonated with me when I read about your rings."

Stephanie M.

"For me I wear the pinky ring as a kind of talisman and symbol of living and breathing my support of women and girls every day . . . WE know that wearing this ring means that I'm going to stand beside you if and whenever you need me."

Tara A.

"She and I just looked at one another's rings and just knew — we're part of the same movement."

Katie K.

"I graduated from medical school in 1985 when there were no women surgeons, so it was an adventure! [Your] company makes me hopeful that the day will come when we don't see gender, race, orientation as a factor in anything other than positives."

Pat M.

"The Ring Hollywood Insiders Are Wearing To Support Women's Rights: The design serves as a daily reminder of the pinky pledge taken to support women."

Elle Magazine

"I love my Duet Pinky Ring! I wear it every day and am ordering it for all my bridesmaids at my upcoming wedding. Love what your company is doing!"

Jessica P.

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