The Startup Girl Foundation:

Economic growth is inextricably linked to women’s participation in the workforce. In many corners of the globe, women have limited access to opportunities and financial resources to build a life of their own. This is why at Shiffon, we combine business and social purpose to break this cycle and empower women and girls globally.

The Startup Girl Foundation is Shiffon's nonprofit arm and our way of giving back to young aspiring entrepreneurs. We directly fund budding entrepreneurs through a seed grant and mentorship system to help their startups succeed. 

With the help of our non profit partners such as One Young World, we've been able to reach a growing group of young innovators across the globe. This 2017, we've already received more than seven hundred startup applications from entrepreneurs across the globe. 

We're excited to share with you some of the first companies we'll be supporting this year. Stay tuned.

Learn more about our startup competition with One Young World!