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Shiffon Jewelry Price Advantage

Major brands in jewelry industry markup their products 8 to 10x the actual cost. Online retailers markup their products 6 to 8x the original cost.

We do things differently. To make luxury accessible and meaningful.

We design products in house, we manufacture them using local master jewelry craftsmen and we deliver them to you directly from New York with love.

We define luxury as natural, authentic, created with passion and manufactured with care.  Hence, we only use top materials and local New York master jewelry craftsman.

  • We only use ethically sourced diamonds or natural gemstones like sapphire. We never use cubic zirconia (CZ) or any other artificial stones.
  • Our jewelry is made with solid silver or gold. We never use gold plating or gold dipped or vermeil which is a type of plating.

Shiffon Co Inc price advantage

An example of how we compare with others :

Shiffon Pinky Ring 14K Gold with purple sapphire


Shiffon 14K Gold Ring Price = $ 375
Estimated Traditional Retail Price = $625 To $895