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There are a million reasons why we love our customers and here is reason number 5,678: Stephanie, a power mom and Stanford alum, tells us what the Duet Pinky Ring means to her in her own Shiffon Co. Manifesto. Her promise to her daughters to be a solid role model without “unnecessary and divisive distractions” is inspirational.  We salute you Stephanie by raising our pinkies up in solidarity- welcome to our #girlgang!  #WearTheChange #WeDontTalkWeDo #ManifestoMonday

“What a truly remarkable movement you’ve started.  A quiet, powerful message in a time of so much noise.  This is what resonated with me when I read about your rings.  The rings I purchased are gifts for my two incredible daughters, both undergraduates like you.  I want them to know, when they look at them, first and foremost, that they are loved.  Loved by me, loved by my husband and their older brother, loved by each other, and loved within the broad circle of women who are wearing these rings and supporting each other.  I also want them to know that they are enough.  There is so much pressure on young women today - to look better, feel better, be better.  What an unnecessary and divisive distraction.  One daughter is pursuing her passion for film; the other, her commitment to the environment.  Both question at times whether that’s enough…  should they be getting business experience, what if they can’t find a job, need to study more, work out harder, eat less…  Drive and ambition are positive things when coming from the heart and coinciding with love, truth, empathy and character.  Both of my daughters possess these qualities.  They are amazing.  I never want them to forget that or to allow anyone to make them feel “less than.”

Turns out being a mother has been the most empowering experience I’ve known.  I am a Stanford graduate,1988, a former public relations professional turned preschool teacher, and mother of three who is now figuring out what “empty nest” means for me.  Seeing life through my children’s eyes, and those of the preschool children in my classroom, I came to recognize a pure goodness that each child embodies.  Children feel joy every day in the smallest of ways.  As a mother, you just want to help them preserve that joy, hope, optimism and trust.  I hope these rings remind my girls to seek joy, pursue their truth, and trust the world around them, knowing that there is a community of women who believe in each other.  

Thank you so much for your personal attention to supporting other women!” - Stephanie