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We are gonna have to pass on that sexy lunch lady costume, thank you very much.
The thermometer may feel more like Coachella weather (shout out to California and parts of the East Coast) but the calendar most certainly says it’s Halloween. For some that may mean gorging on candy from office parties, for others it’s all about chucking the rules out the door and rockin’ whichever costume you want to a Halloween rager.

But let’s have an honest conversation: how many times have you felt pressure to don a costume that has the word “sexy” in it (sexy police officer, sexy mouse, sexy whatever) because you feel like that what you have to do? The pressure to take costuming to absurd levels of reveal is hitting epic proportions. In 2016, women spent close to $600 million on purchasing skin baring costumes. What’s more, if you wanted to cover up, you would pay double (average price around $59) vs. a costume that would have a little more exposure. According to a report done by the American Psychological Association, when young girls are sexualized, it can lead to increased rates of
violence, eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression.

We aren’t here to tell you not to wear racy costumes. It's your body. You do you. What we don’t love is the expectation to dress in a revealing way. As women, we should not have to feel obliged to meet some whack standard of beauty/attraction men impose on us.

We have called upon our #GirlGang to brainstorm empowering costumes that are better than sexy whatever. We support you as you run with our ideas and make them your own, even if it involves a little more skin than usual. Here’s our list:

Frida Kahlo 
frida kahlo empowering halloween costume
Beyonce as Frida Kahlo for Halloween.
Oprah Winfrey
Amelia Earhart
amelia earhart halloween costume
Gabrielle "CoCo" Chanel
coco chanel last minute halloween costume
supergirl halloween costume
Jane Goodall
jane goodall halloween costume

What are you wearing this #Halloween? Send us your pics and we will feature them on our Facebook page!
#WearTheChange #WeDon’tTalkWeDo