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Picking the perfect color pallet for your label is not trivial. You want colors that compliment one another, symbolize your company values, and ones that emotionally resonate with your customers. These colors need to be cross-platform, and work for packaging, photographs, web, advertisements, and more.

Colors are especially important within the fashion industry.



When you are in a mall and you pass by a Tiffany and Co. store, you automatically know the brand just off of their iconic teal color. In Times Square, when you look up and see a flashing pink sign, there’s a good chance it’s a Victoria Secret advertisement, selling this season’s newest merchandise. Colors matter.

Shiffon’s color palette is built around our beautiful lavender color. We wanted purple to be our central color for a number of reasons. First, purple was the central color of the suffragette movement, an American political movement that symbolizes women’s rights. As a company that donates 50 percent of our company’s proceeds to female empowerment programs, we believe that purple captures the spirit of female liberation, education, and leadership.  Second, purple is the historic color of royalty, and, at Shiffon, we want our jewelry to make every women feel like a princess. Lastly, we picked lavender, in particular, because the plant lavender buds from nature, reminding us of our duty to take care of the earth. Shiffon is dedicated to using environmentally friendly packaging products and ethically obtained gemstones.



After deciding on purple, we had to pick a base color, a neutral color, like black, white, or grey, which serves as a backdrop. Our team had discussed it and picked black. We made the background of our website black, and a week later, we unanimously agreed that white was a better fit. Black just didn’t feel right. That’s the wonderful thing about colors – they are emotionally conducive, so it’s easy to identify when a color feels right or wrong. White fit our company values better than black – it symbolizes simplicity, freshness, and transparency.

Lastly, we had to decide on an accent color. The team jumped at the idea of a metallic gold. For one, it really highlights what we are selling: shiny jewelry! Also, gold has yellow undertones, which contrast directly with purple. Plus, when one thinks of gold they think of high quality and luxury, and Shiffon is dedicated to creating high quality, luxurious pieces.

I’m so excited about our color pallet, and all that our company stands for. Our perfectly purple pallet is simple, elegant, and sweet. I hope that one day someone will pass by our lavender and gold storefront and automatically know our brand and feel emotionally empowered by us.