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Shiffon girl gang member from stanford grace

I’m a member of Shiffon’s founding team, somewhat surprising for anyone who knows me well because I’m not the girly girl you’d expect to start a jewelry company. I’m outdoorsy, adventurous, casual, and a total nerd. That’s the thing I love about Shiffon, though: Shiffon is for the modern, real women. The jewelry pieces represent the strength, intelligence, and individuality of femininity.

Growing up, there was never a jewelry company that resonated with me. Most jewelry brands advertise their products in ways I can’t relate to, capitalizing on the lavishness of luxury. Shiffon, however, focuses on the stories and connections of real, badass women. Shiffon puts meticulous detail into creating beautiful, everyday pieces that emotionally resonate with women and are there to remind them how amazing they truly are.

The #girlgang blog will be a compilation of stories about Shiffon Girls. Shiffon Girls are you, me, and the authentic women who surround us: the engineer building something incredible, the artist inspiring others through craft, or the friend making you laugh until your stomach hurts. These are the role models we plan to join our #girlgang. Welcome to the #girlgang blog!